Pride Show 2024 Market - Mezzanine Table

Pride Show 2024 Market - Mezzanine Table

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Note:This purchase is the final step of becoming a vendor at the Pride Show Market, Sunday, June 2.  If you have not been approved as a vendor personally by Mariah or Q, do not purchase this space, as your fees will not be refunded.  If you are past the hours allotted in your acceptance, please do not purchase until you have reverified your space. Please be sure to note your business name in the comments section of this link. Feel free to send a text to inquire if applications are still open.  Mariah's cell - 801-836-2046 


We're so excited for you to join our Pride Show!   We host a magical family circus market with a good amount of space to display your wares. We encourage you to dress and decorate to theme. This invitation is for a 6x3 foot table.  Build UP on your table. The mezzanine is upstairs, overlooking the main sanctuary space. The mezzanine is not wheelchair accessible. We’ll let you know two days before the market if you need to bring a table and a chair.