Light The Candle

 Most of you weren't here when I made our first post on Instagram, just over a year ago, and featured this cover pic with the following caption:

“We did it. Found a space in the city. Chose a name. Curated a handful of enchanted items, and we’re getting ready to greet the season with you. Watch for our next giveaway.”

The truth about “the Shop” is that I found it because I had recently separated from my husband, and this space provided living AND working quarters for me. It was amid a global pandemic, quarantine, 2020, my 46th year of life and 28th year of marriage. I had just walked beyond the chapel doors of the faith I was born and raised in, the religion I bore and raised all my kids in. The shift from mother to mystic began, and I lost my GODDAMN MIND! Then, I went to therapy twice a week all year (on my own and with that best friend I married all those years ago). I needed to better understand my neuro- divergent brain, the soul of my own self, and the hearty stew of codependence and refreshment I’d been steeped in (and chosen) my whole life. I watched it all burn with the need to see what would rise after so much blazed away. Happy to tell you my sense of self, my marriage and family, my personal space and business, Phoenixes all.

In many ways, it feels like I am still just getting started. In other aspects, you’ve helped me build community and grow by leaps and bounds. Dialectics. Two things true at once. Any way I look at it, new or experienced, novice, intermediate, or advanced; this little Kitchen/Bedroom/Garden witch turned Literary Wizard and Alchemist, THRIVES, and thanks you!

Stick around. Exciting things are on their way!!

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